Sealander Architects is is offering to help regional public and private schools with their facilities budget building. We are offering this for a flat fee of $150.

How will this work?

Call or text us at 207.266.5822 or email at Set an appointment for us to tour your school building with staff. The tour can last up to three hours.

What will we get?

Based on the tour, we will write a 1-2 page report of findings. We will include prioritization, next steps, and cost guidance for each item.

Can we use the report to procure bids?

No. The idea behind the report is to provide administrators and school boards with a product that can help define your facility’s needs. This may include the need to hire an architect in order to produce bid documents.

What is the market value of this offer?

We anticipate providing eight hours of consulting time with this offer. This equals about $960 in value.


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