We provided an historic property assessment report for this community building on Mount Desert Island.

Constructed in 1905, the Otter Creek Aid Society building’s prominent feature is its steeple. The original building’s roof form directed rain and snow to the back side of the steeple. The roof was modified to correct this flaw, but also compromised the steeple’s free-standing profile. We provided guidance on restoring the steeple’s grandeur while also maintaining the roof’s ability to shed water.

Our assessment was made possible through a Maine Steeples Project grant from the Maine Community Foundation. We used The Secretary of Interior’s Standards for the Preservation of Historic Properties as a guide for making recommendations on building improvements.

We also provided assessments on handicap accessibility, mechanical systems, and general restoration.

  • Name Otter Creek Aid Society
  • Type Historic Building Assessment
  • Location Otter Creek, Maine
  • Year 2012