Renovating an existing building can be a cost-effective way to procure a new facility, but there are factors that should be taken into account. Due diligence with regard to the appropriateness of a specific building should include a review of the potential facility’s quality: is it a good building to purchase regardless the intended use? Structural, envelope, foundation and site factors can significantly add to the cost of a renovation project. One should also check for the appropriateness of the building for its intended use. For this optometry office renovation project, we tested the overall space requirements for this three-person optometry practice against the available space within the building.

We also provided energy efficiency upgrades to the building envelope, and replaced the roof. The clients recognized the architectural appeal of open-web steel joists that framed the roof, and we did, too. These joists became a lively feature for the interior, especially at the lobby and front desk areas.

By creating custom casework for the frame display area and helping the owners with furniture selection, we were able to provide a consistent look throughout the facility.