Thermal performance in buildings is a function of massing, exterior assembly design, and detailing. We offer consulting energy modeling services to architects, owners and general contractors. Contact Mike Sealander by email or phone/text at 207.266.5822.

  • Opaque wall thermal analysis: We use Therm, a two-dimensional finite element analysis program, to determine overall u-values for wall constructions. We can model discontinuous constructions such as cavity walls, thermal bridges, openings and construction joints to determine the effects of specific details on thermal behavior. For more information, see our white paper on Using Therm for energy modeling.
  • BIM-base energy modeling: Parametric modeling in Revit provides three routes to analysis: a Revit native analysis engine to determine design heating and cooling loads; analysis through Green Building Studio using DOE2; and export capability for creating models that can be imported to eQuest and other analysis applications.
  • Single-zone BEopt modeling: We provide single-zone parametric energy analysis using BEopt. This software from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory combines energy analysis with cost analysis. The program is designed to automate the decision-making process of choosing between energy efficiency measures. For instance, it can determine when money targeted for energy savings will be better spent on photovoltaic systems. BEopt is notably one of the programs (the other is WUFI) recommended by Passive House Institute-US.

Used together, these tools provide ample opportunity to bring rigor to the architectural design process. They can also help evaluate the costs and benefits of substitution proposals during construction.

For more information, contact Mike Sealander, AIA by email or phone/text to 207.266.5822