The town of Brooklin constructed this K-8 school in 1995. It is approximately 9,000 square feet, of wood frame construction. We addressed deferred maintenance and equipment failures through two K-8 renovation projects. The first was a 2016 siding and window replacement. The second was a 2018 kitchen renovation.

Siding and Windows

To begin, our first K-8 renovation replaced siding and windows. By 2016, about twenty years after construction, the school’s exterior wood siding had deteriorated, particularly at the base of exterior walls. Wood siding and sheathing, when close to the ground, will suffer from moisture damage. So, we replaced the siding with a fluid-applied air barrier, exterior insulation, and fiber cement clapboards. Finally, to protect the base, the bottom 12 inches of exterior wall are clad in PVC trim. More on this project can be found here.

Kitchen Renovation

Next, in 2018, we renovated the kitchen. Built on a concrete slab on grade, the original kitchen floor was VCT, or vinyl composition tile. This is the ubiquitous flooring material in public schools throughout the state. It does not do well in kitchens. Our renovation replaced the flooring with a welded sheet vinyl material. We replaced fluorescent lights with dimmable LED lights. We added sheet vinyl to wet area walls. Lastly, we replaced several pieces of kitchen equipment: the range, dishwasher, warming oven.