This unbuilt project is a studio apartment or guest house on the shore in Trenton. The interesting shape of the house was derived from the very specific program, and our solution for reconciling ocean views with solar orientation.

Views and Sun

The primary view toward the water faces west. The owners were also interested in south-facing views for solar orientation. If we concentrated windows to the west, we would respond to ocean views. The house would also suffer from afternoon overheating. If we concentrated windows to the south, we would neglect the views. We decided to incorporate both these requirements by developing a building mass facing each of these directions. The south-facing portion of the building contains rooms where afternoon heat would be troublesome, and views were not necessarily the focus. This part of the house contains the kitchen and dining areas. The west-facing portion of the house contains the less social functions.


A third requirement for outdoor space led to the 3-petal design. The third petal is really outdoor space. This acknowledges the fact that the house is a seasonal dwelling.