Architects for Trump

Is it reasonable for architects to pick a presidential candidate who might favor architects?

All politics is local, in the sense that politics is about the relationship of people in a community. It is impossible for everyone living in a community to get everything they want all the time. Politics is the process of regulating selfishness to make communities work. Our selfish desire may be to drive fast and on the wrong side of the road, but we have rules prohibiting this. Some people like speed limits, others do not. How one views speed limits depends on how fast one wishes to drive. We would rightly shake our heads in disbelief if a candidate won office on the promise to get rid of speed limits.

Is there a candidate who would be superior for the architecture profession?

As I watch the presidential race, I often wonder why I like a certain candidate. Am I being selfish in my choice of candidate? Am I being a selfish architect in my choice of candidate?
This line of internal questioning leads me to wonder if there is a quintessential presidential candidate for the selfish architect. Is there a candidate who would be superior for the architecture profession?
My answer is yes, that candidate is Donald Trump.
Trump is a developer. He is interested in building buildings. He is also interested in building a big wall in the southern United States, and he has a proposal for its funding.
He is frustrated at the state of the built environment in the United States. He promises to do something about it. If there is one candidate who will focus on bringing work to architects, it is Donald Trump.
If there is one candidate selfish architects should rally around, it is Donald Trump. My next question, because I am far from being a Trump supporter: Is this the time to start shaking my head in disbelief?

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