Thank you so much for your stellar performance last night. We had a full discussion, everyone had an opportunity to express their opinions and ask their questions before we voted. Your effort is most appreciated by the selectboard.

Town Select Board

I was very pleased  with yesterday and thought your presentation went very well indeed. I expect the board to be equally enthusiastic. You did a fine job.

Non-profit board member

“Thanks for attending the school board
meeting today. I feel very optimistic that this
project will come together nicely. I really
appreciate how careful you and Robyn
have been with this small, but important,
Howard Colter
Superintendent, MDI Regional School System/ AOS91.


Superintendent, AOS 91

“You really want this project to be a
success, and you have gone the extra mile
more than once.”
Kohl Kanwit, Director of Public Health
Department of Marine Resources

Director of Public Health

“I just want you to know that we recognize
you have gone above and beyond for the
Lamoine project and are doing work that
you did not necessarily need to do. The
Lamoine crew would like to thank you
for the new office on a shoestring and
hopefully we can hire you for a Phase 2
one day!”
Meggan Dwyer, Shellfish Growing Area Program Supervisor
Maine Department of Marine Resources

Shellfish Growing Area Program Supervisor

“Mike is one of a handful of architects in the
entire state who knows what a TMY [typical
meteorological year] file is, let alone knows
what to do with it.”
Ian MacDonald, P.E
Allied Engineers

Mechanical Engineer

Hi Mike: Just came across your paper [“Design and Construction Industry in Easter Maine] and thought I would pass on a compliment. It was well-written and spot-on!

Thomas Perkins, PE - Turner, Maine

Hi Mike and Robyn,

I can see why you are enthusiastic about this “tweak” of the previous scheme. In a word it is elegant, simpler, and has obvious advantages… I really like that the new meeting room is in line with the existing structure. Much less complicated. Also the straight hallway is so much less convoluted. I agree that this scheme makes better use of the existing meeting room, and there is an obvious advantage to using the original basement stairwell…
Comparing the newest version side by side to the previous one I see a host of advantages. Granted it is more  intrusive. Strikes me as easier to construct. And so much “cleaner”. I would like us to plan for a presentation to the board and staff simultaneously…. I feel confident that this latest scheme would serve HVHC well for many years.

Charitable Service Organization - Ellsworth, Maine

Mike – thanks for your words of wisdom today, you were very helpful and gave me a number of things to think about and more importantly, how to think about them…be careful what you wish for ‘cause you are now climbing to the top of my hit parade

County Manager

 Working with you made all of the difference, Mike. It led to terrific insights that really gave us a clear direction on this project. Thank you for that gift.

Residential Owner